Good News! Your Dreams Are Made Of Crap

Your dreams are not made of clouds.

Your dreams are not made of pixie dust.

Your dreams are made of CRAP!

Dirty, smelly, inconvenient, annoying, scary, crap.

So often, we see all the miles and miles between us and our dreams as a problem. You think, “Aw man if I could just get past this crap, then I’d be happy.” And you sit and dream about magically floating over all the crap you don’t want to deal with.

But this doesn’t work. Because you need the crap for your dreams to be real.

Your dreams are not what happen when you are at the other side. Your dreams are what happen when you stop dreaming about them and start digging through all the crap you need to make them happen.

Your great relationship isn’t in the perfect partner, it’s in digging into the crap of talking about your life, deciding where to go to dinner, and giving your partner reassurance that yes indeed they are hot.

Your great small business isn’t in finding the perfect customers. It’s in digging through all the crap of bad web design, poorly thought branding, and missteps in the marketplace until you begin to fully understand what drives you to build a business and how you can truly serve the world you live in.

Your great new career isn’t about finding a job that magically fulfills you. It’s in leaving your comfortable place at a big company, being scared to death, floundering, and searching until you find the work that speaks to your heart like nothing else.

Intentions are not the answer, wishing isn’t the answer, manifesting isn’t the answer, the answer is crap.

Because what happens when you dig into the crap of your life, is that you find all the parts of yourself you haven’t faced and all the corners of your heart you have locked away. When you dig into the crap it sucks but you grow.

You grow to become a wiser, more compassionate, and more totally kick ass version of who you truly are. The crap cleans you and when you get to the end, even your dreams are different. Now’s the time. Find the crap and dig in. It’s not pretty, but it’s never going to get any prettier than it is right now either.

What are you waiting for? (I’ll see you in there)

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