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A Foot Meditation to Relive Anxiety

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Learning To Stand In One Place

Telling someone who is in the grips of anxiety to stop and be present it like telling someone who is being chased by a tiger to slow down. Feeling like you want to run away from anxiety is natural. The only problem is the longer we run, the longer we are chased.
Recently I got caught in a cycle of anxiety about my business and my future. I felt like I was running away from this fear that I will fail and never fulfill my potential. And it felt like if I stopped all of those fears and worries would crash down and swallow me.

But then a good friend told me that I needed to relax. He said I was worrying too much and I should just try to be calm. And as soon as he said it I realized that I’d be in as much danger whether I was running or not. I realized that if I could stand still and just be with my anxiety, it might just leave me alone.

So that’s what I did. I accepted that I might fail. I accepted that the future was unknown. I stopped running and as soon as I did I noticed Continue reading –>

Why does this blog have a Read More link?

I have recently launched a new website where my blog is going to be living from now on, but I wanted to make sure all of my wordpress.com readers still have a chance to get my content. So in the short term I’ve decided posting excerpts from my posts here with a link to full text at my blog’s new home. 

Of course if you’d like to avoid the extra clicks you are welcome to move over to my new site, all you have to do is subscribe and you’ll get all of my posts sent to you directly. Thanks for reading!

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