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Stop Wishing You Were Somewhere Else

Blog Stop Wishing You Were Somewhere Else

Stop Wishing You Were Somewhere Else

Recently someone emailed me to ask about working with anxiety. They told me that they struggled to overcome their fear about the future and their guilt about the past. They said they just wanted to get back to the way things were before.

As soon as I read this email, my heart went out to them. I know from personal experience the hell and torment you can put yourself through bouncing around inside your own head.

My Sophomore Year

I spent most of my sophomore year of college frightened about my uncertain future and ashamed of both my past and present behavior. I took refuge in drugs, cigarettes, and sex, but none of them changed […]  Read More –>

Why does this blog have a Read More link?

I have recently launched a new website where my blog is going to be living from now on, but I wanted to make sure all of my wordpress.com readers still have a chance to get my content. So in the short term I’ve decided to post excerpts from my posts here with a link to full text at my blog’s new home.

Of course if you’d like to avoid the extra clicks you are welcome to move over to my new site, all you have to do is subscribe and you’ll get all of my posts sent to you directly. Thanks for reading!


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