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You Think You Know Your Emotions

#BP cold morning in NY
We think we know our emotions.

This is what sad is. –

This is what happy is. –

Most of us have a very limited emotional vocabulary. We can describe a few aspects of what we feel, but not much else. We simply don’t pay attention to how we feel.

We label, dismiss, and distract many of the activities of our heart. Awareness of our emotions is essential to any mindfulness practice.

Exercise is a rich ground to examine our emotions, because physical activity brings all sorts of feelings to the surface.

I have felt, anger, joy, peace, and defeat all in one run or workout. The hard thing is to let our emotions be without justification or reasoning.

If we can learn to do this, we honor our emotions. We can get to know them, but without letting them run our lives.

MindFitMove Practice
Any time a major emotion arises during exercise this week ask these 4 questions.
1. Where do I feel this emotion in my body?
2. What color is this emotion?
3. How is it changing from moment to moment?
4. What is the story I’m adding?

We must learn to just feel without labeling or explaining. If we are able to do this we find that our emotions are as complex as the face of the earth. They are filled with subtle shapes and hues. Our task is to stay present enough to see their intricate beauty.

This is an excerpt from my awareness ebook, which you can download here


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