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Author Wednesday – Gentoku McCree

I was lucky enough to have a second post one Writing Whims about movement tips for writers. As a writer myself and start up founder I spend alot of time working at the computer. I hope these 6 Tips for Anti Hunchback writing will help everyone from writers to workers alike find more balance in their bodies as they do there work.


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P.C. Zick

following the writing dream

Welcome to Author Wednesday. Today I welcome Gentoku McCree, author of two self-help books, Fit and Mindfuland Awareness. Gentoku stopped by for a guest post on Mindful Writing back in May. Today, his post offers some suggestions for writers to keep fit while participating in a sedentary occupation.

Fit and Mindful Cover 3DAwareness 3d

Six Anti-Hunchback Movement Tips for Writers

By Gentoku McCree

Did you know that The Hunchback of Notre Dame is about a writer?

The hunchback got that way because he was working on his novel.

Day in day out “hunched” over his manuscript turned him into a freak and the rejection letters made him go somewhat insane. I’m serious … they did a study.

OK, that’s not actually true, but writers and anyone who doesn’t work on a farm face a hard truth.

Human beings weren’t made to sit all day.

But that’s exactly what most of us do at our…

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